Showcase Testing – Omm Design Week

From June 25-30th, KM Family showcased “Omm Design Week”, with the collaboration of our team.Together we tested the idea we last presented in our last meeting.

omm 1

We had the opportunity to work on the window of the Bruc store. We got inspired by Ingela Apparehnius, Omm Design illustrator and designer’s kids books, and created a world of Omm products.

We set up everything early on Monday 25th with the help of Pablo, our client being there. In 2 hours, the idea was alive and started to attract people to enter the store.During the setting up, we got opinions and support from Pablo and Gemma to choose the right products.


We also created design visuals that would go on Km family’s social media channels.
It was a part of the test as well, to see how much people were engaging online to the idea.
We asked our client to share both on facebook and instagram with the possibility to create special discounts and play around the promotional potential for this showcase.

We got the final results this Monday, July 2nd, after a long week of writing our final report and findings. We had a very positive feedback from our client.
There was an increase in sales of Omm Design Products. Theweek was one of the strongest in sales year to date, selling 17 products, same as one previous week performed in April. This increase represents 52% over the average in sales of Omm Design Products.

Another result of our test is the capability of managing marketing and promotions by our client, but there was no full control on following up, thus the instagram posts were never shared, but only on facebook.


We had fun doing this test to understand the potential of showcase and the opportunities it gave our client’s business.
The window is an important offline media, used well and with great attention to details, it is the first touchpoint with our walking by users, and fast online shoppers

Goodluck to KM Family and much more success in the next testings they could do following our report suggestions and next steps.



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